Infor is a multi-national enterprise software company,headquartered in New York City, United States.It is the largest privately held technology provider in the world. Infor focuses on business applications for organizations delivered via cloud computing as a service.

Infor acquired over forty other software companies since its 2002 founding as Agilysis, for example acquiring GEAC ERP for US$1 billion, Lawson Software for US$2 billion, and GT Nexus for $675 million.

Infor had around 150 million cloud users as of July 2018, as well as around 90,000 corporate customers overall. Infor is active in 200 countries and territories with around 17,500 employees.

Infor’s customers included Bausch & Lomb, Ferrari, Heineken, Wyndham Hotels, Hershey Entertainment and Resorts, Boskalis, EBSCO, Legacy Health, and Best Western International.


A strategical solution to experience the evolution of administering resources 

A powerful software solution created to replace the complex process into a streamlined and simplified approach. It offers remarkable experience empowering the HR professionals by delivering an eminent software designed to suit the entire organization’s practices.  

Combined with unique technology-driven tools and optimization abilities Infor Cloudsuite HCM delivers high range of flexibility to focus on key business objectives all the time. 


  • Broad capabilities
  • Science driven tools
  • Flexible technology 


  • Global human resources
    • – Organizational/person structure
    • – Employee safety
    • – Position budgeting
    • – Benefits
    • – Employee relations
    • – Absence
    • – Occupational health
    • – Time entry 

Talent management – Talent science – Talent acquisition and onboarding – Compensation – Goals – Performance – Development – Learning – Succession 

HR service delivery – Knowledgebase – Case management 

Add-on bundles 

Payroll – Pay and deductions – Gross to net – Checks – W2, Tax, ACH  

Workforce Management – Time and Attendance – Scheduling – Workloads – Assignments 

HCM Analytics – Labor productivity – Staffing effectiveness – Quality measures – Pre delivered content – Data-driven decisions